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This aromatic essential oil has anti-fungal, anti-inflammtory and anti-bacterial properties.


It's anti-bacterial properties can help to cleanse and  purify the skin to clear conditions such as acne.  Thyme can soothe a number of skin conditions such as rosacea, blemishes, irritation and inflamation by helping in the healing process to make the skin look and feel healthy.


Thyme oil is known to stimulate the skin, increasing the blood flow and circulation resulting in clearer, less tired looking skin.



EazyOils Essential oils can be used in the following rinse off products :

bath bombs

whipped soap

whipped scrubs

bubble bars

melt and pour soap


shower gel 

bath oil

bath salts

shower gel

liquid bubble bath

cream bases


They can also be used in candles, wax melts and diffusers.


Latin Name : Thymus Vulgaris
Part of Plant Used : Leaves & Flowering Tops
Source : Spain
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation




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