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This is the real deal Patchouli; just like the Patchouli of the 70's


Of all the essential oils available, EazyOils Patchouli Essential oil has one of the most distinctive fragrances. It has strong and musky notes and deep and earthy undertones. Patchouli has been nick named alot of the centeries most notably it is commonly referred to as “liquid gold" due to its sedative effects to its ability to alleviate anxiety. 


This earthy, musky oil was a powerhouse in the 60's free love hippy movement, for its aphrodisiac qualities. How could we not include it in our essential oil assessments?! 


EazyOils Essential oils can be used in the following rinse off products :

bath bombs

whipped soap

whipped scrubs

bubble bars

melt and pour soap


shower gel 

bath oil

bath salts

shower gel

liquid bubble bath

cream bases


They can also be used in candles, wax melts and diffusers.


Extracted by steam distillation.




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