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This Melissa blend is a special mixture of fractionated essential oils.  It has been designed to have the same fragrance profile and properties as true Melissa.


The contents of this oil are as follows :

Citral from Lemongrass
Lemon Oil
D-Limonene from Orange
Ho Oil
Beta Caryophylene from Clove Oil.


This oil has a sweet, lemony fresh aroma and can be used as to promote overall skin health but is particularly beneficial in the treatment of coldsores. Its antibacterial properties are also beneficial for the treatment and prevention of acne, blackheads and other minor skin problems.


Melissa oil is also useful for reducing redness and irritation caused by skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and insect bites.


EazyOils Essential oils can be used in the following rinse off products :

bath bombs

whipped soap

whipped scrubs

bubble bars

melt and pour soap


shower gel 

bath oil

bath salts

shower gel

liquid bubble bath

cream bases


They can also be used in candles, wax melts and diffusers.


Latin Name : None - Natural Blend.
Source : Mixed.
Extraction Method : N/A.



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