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EazyColours liquid colour additives are perfect for use in soaps or other water-based products.

Use individually or blend to create your own customised colours. 


Just add one or two drops for vibrant colour.


They are available in the following colours :

Yellow CI 19140

Orange CI 40215

Red40 CI 16035

Hot Pink CI 45100

Amethyst CI 14500/42090

Blue CI 42090

Green CI 10020


In clear soap the colour will be vibrant, whereas in a white based soap they will appear strong in colour but more subtle.


EazyColours water-soluble cosmetic colourants can be used in a variety of different products to give stunning results. A little really does go a long way which makes these a very economical to purchase.


You can add these colours to the following rinse of products:

melt and pour soap

whipped soap

whipped scrub

bath salts

bubble bath

shower gel


Choose from a single colour or a set of colours.

Each bottle holds approximately 30ml of colour.


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