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Brilliant in gel candles!

Our Glow in the Dark powder, Strontium Aluminate, is the safe next generation Earth mineral that can last 10 times longer and glow 10 times brighter than its counterpart, Zinc Sulphide. 

Made up of thousands of microscopic crystals, Strontium Aluminate 'charges' by absorbing ultraviolet energy from either natural or artificial light source. The use of UV Blacklight will produce best results, making these powders the ultimate In project enhancement.

Can be used in many projects including nails, crafting and soaps. Not for use on eyes, lips, makeup, or other usages which are directly on skin. 

Please note:

There are varying strengths of glow intensity and performance with Green being strongest followed by Aqua, Blue, Purple.


Always check your country's regulations before use and always check suitability in your product.


Non-toxic, non-radioactive, pure pigment powder.

Cruelty free and vegan


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