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This is one of our super-strength in-house hybrid blends.


EazyColours Black cosmetic colour additive is a blend of batch certified red, yellow and blue and gives your bath a stunning jet black appearance. This black will not make your bath bomb black. That only happens once it hits the water. The best you can get would be a dark grey unless you add black iron oxide. If you add other colours it will alter the the colour of the water. 


You will receive the following blend: CI 19140/42090/16035


Combine Soil Black with any fragrance from the EazyColours Fragrance oils collection for mascaline products.


There are different types of black. Some make it to look purple, this particular black was created to resemble soil. So, while your water is draining away the colour will look an earthy/soil colour.

Soil black is a super-concentrated water-soluble cosmetic colourant and a little really does go a long way.


You can use Soil Black in the following rinse off products:

melt and pour soap


cold process soap

whipped soap

whipped scrubs

bubble bars

liquid bubble bath

shower gel


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Please see individual colours for MSDS as this is an EazyColours blend


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  • CI 19140/42090/16035, FDA Batch certified

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