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The water-soluble colours in this selection have been batch certified for the USA market.


14 pots of beautiful Eazycolours! You will receive 7 pots of water-soluble colour additives and 7 pots of neon colour additives. 


This collection is everything you need to make amazingly coloured products. You can colour-match your soaps with your bath bombs and other products to create a whole range of beautiful. 


Containins the following 7 water soluble colours:

Yellow CI 19140

Orange Blend CI 19140/16035

Emerald Green Blend CI 19140/42090

Red 28 CI 45410

Red 40 CI 16035

Purple CI 45140/42090

Blue CI 42090


'Blooming' EazyColours water soluble colours in various ingredients will alter the colour, but the true colour of EazyColours appears when it hits the water.


You can create stunning bath art with these vibrant bright colours that once in the bath will create amazing non staining coloured water. The addition of fragrance oil to your mix may slightly darken the appearance of your colours.


These colours are sure to make your wash off products POP with a blast of colour. They are highly saturated and a little really does go a long way!


They can be used in the following rinse off products:

bath bombs

bubble bars

melt and pour soap

whipped soap

whipped scrubs

bath salts

liquid bubble bath

shower gel.


    The Red28 and Purple are in smaller quantities eg 10g pack contains 5g of Red28 and 5g Purple, 25g pack contains 10g of Red28 and 10g Purple and 50g pack contains 25g of Red28 and 25g Purple.


    You will also receive 7 pots of our amazing Eazycolours Neons in the following colours:

    Limoncello : Polyester-3, CI 19140, Acid Yellow 23

    Naranja : Polyester-3, CI 19140, Acid Yellow 23

    Light Red : Polyester-3, CI 45410, Acid Red 92

    Hot Pink : Polyester-3, CI 77742, Manganese Violet CI 45410, Acid Red 92

    Amethyst : Polyester-3, CI 77742, Manganese Violet CI 45410

    Electric Blue : Polyester-3, CI 77007, Ultramarine Blue

    Lime Zest : Polyester-3, CI 74260


    These vibrant, and versatile non-bleed, neon colours can be uesed in can be used in the following rinse off products : 

    melt and pour soap 

    hot and cold process soap

    bubble bars

    whipped soap

    whipped scrubs





    For soap, body butters, body lotions, nail and body paint application. The % use is as follows:


    Soap 1-5%

    Body Lotions & Body Cream 1-5%

    Hair Spray, Shampoo, Perfume 0.1-10%

    Nail Polish, Nail UV/LED Polish Gel 2-20%


    Not for use in eyeshadow and lipstick. As stated above they are also not for use in bath bombs.


    Always check your home country for cosmetic regluations before making products to sell.


    Cruelty free and vegan

    Please see individual products for MSDS


    Batch Certified Water Soluble colours for the American Market.


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