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This fabulous 'Magic Glitter' from EazyColours sparkles and shines, but not only that, it hides a vibrant voodoo green water soluble colour that reacts when in water. 


Colour, shine, sparkle, glimmer, swirl... all words associated with this beautifully simple product.


For your convenience we have taken the hard work out of mixing the percentages needed to 'hide' the water soluble colour in the glitter so it creates the illusion of just a glitter that will also give you the colour pay off when it reacts with water. 


There is a delicate balance between too much colour and your glitter changing colour defeating the purpose of it being hidden. The flip side is too little colour and your glitter not giving the dramatic effect that EazyColours Magic Glitter manages to effortlessly achieve for you.


By creating 'Magic Glitter' we have freed up your time and effort needed to recreate this amazing product. No its not rocket science, but who really wants to add more time to creating products than is needed. Simply weigh once, add and go, simple! 


You can create stunning bath art with these vibrant bright colours that once in the bath will create amazing non staining coloured water.


EazyColours Magic glitters are sure to make your wash off products POP with a burst of beautiful colour encased in sparkling gold glitter.


They can be used in the following rinse off products : 

bath bombs

bubble bars

melt and pour soap

cold/hot process soap

whipped soap

whipped scrubs

bath salts

liquid bubble bath

shower gel


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