The EazyColours Hand Cleanser Assessment2 has been created at a time when keeping hands and surfaces clean has never been more important to help ensure your family and home is safe from viruses such as the recent Covid-19.


Washing your hands with soap and water should always be your first choice for cleansing, but when you are out and about and don't have access to soap and water, then this is a product that you can use regardless of where you are.


Ingredients in this recipe include the following:


Isopropyl Alcohol - used in many products including cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and to prevent infection in cuts/grazes/scrapes.


Hydrogen Peroxide - Added to cosmetic and personal care products to act as an antimicrobial agent.


Glycerine - helps to hydrate and has a cooling effect on the skin


Please note the following before you purchase:

Assessments do not include ingredients.


The EazyColours recipe remains the intellectual property of EazyColours. It may not be shared, given away or sold on without EazyColours written consent. Only those named on the CPSR and those under their supervision may use the assessment.

You can purchase your base ingredients anywhere but you must adhere to the % (strength) of the product.

Colours and fragrances must only be obtained from EazyColours.

Your assessment will be sent via email usually within 14 days.

No refunds can be given due to the nature of the item. No additions or alterations are permitted.

When you order an assessment either on its own or with other products you must add a note to the order stating the following:
The NAME of the responsible person.
The ADDRESS of the responsible person
The email address you want the assessment sending to.
If no note is on the order, the assessment will be made out to the person whose name is on the order and sent to the email address on the order.
If any of these details are incorrect and the assessment has to be redone you will be charged a fee.

Please note: You cannot advertise this product as a hand sanitiser. We do not claim that this product has medicinal properties; it is a cosmetic handwash.



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