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This 100% pure and natural coconut oil is the result of refining, bleaching and de-odourising the kernels of the seeds of Cocos Nucifera.


Coconut oil has exceptionally high levels of lauric and caprylic acid and these acids are anti-fungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral. Coconut oil also contains Vitamin E, essential amino acids and along with the lauric and caprylic acid, they form part of a barrier function on your skin and help maintain your skin's natural moisture.


There are lots of ways to use coconut oil, from lip balm, to a temporary skin soother, hair mask, nail hydrators, body moisturiser, mouth wash and skin cleansing. Be warned Coconut oil ranks 4 on the comedogenic scale, which means it may cause facial blockages which lead to breakouts. So if you or your ccustomers are prone to break outs coconut oil as a daily cleanser may not be the way to go.


For use in products used on the skin and in the hair, perfumes and aromatherapy applications.

Semi solid and white to off-white colour at room temperature.



INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil


Contains none of the 26 allergens designated by the EU in European Union Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1233/2009.


Does not contain material restricted/prohibited by IFRA and therefore does not require an IFRA statement.




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