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A sample of this product can be purchased so you can 'try before you buy'.


Please add the following to the NOTES section of your order:

The name, address and email address of the RP (Responsible Person).

Your choice of fragrance oils.

Without this information there will be a delay to your assessment.


Create your own luxurious body butter with this EazyColours Essential Oil Body Butter Assessment with the option to add isolate.


Isolate is available HERE


Although we cannot make any medicinal claims, we do have many people that are benefiting from the blends of oils and isolate.


This is not a pre-made base, but a fabulous concoction of butters and oils, topped with essential oils.


In this assessment we use Mango, Shea and Cocoa Butters whipped into a frenzy with Olive, Apricot, Hemp and Vitamin E Oils, to create a firm body cream that melts at the touch.


Within seconds it has soaked into your skin leaving it silky soft and beautfully fresh looking.


This particular assessment permits the use of the following:


7 Butters & Oils

8 glitters

11 Micas

Choice of 5 or 10 from the 40 essential oils listed


Please make sure that those you choose are included in the 40 listed on the image above.


Imagine how many fab products you can make from that!




Please note the following before you purchase


The EazyColours recipe remains the intellectual property of EazyColours. It may not be shared, given away or sold on without EazyColours written consent. Only those named on the CPSR and those under their supervision may use the assessment.


You can purchase your base ingredients anywhere although we do sell them.

Colours and fragrances must only be obtained from the EazyColours and EazyOils ranges mentioned above.


When you order an assessment either on its own or with other products and you want to use a different name for your or your buying for someone else,  you must add a note to the order stating the following:


The NAME of the responsible person.

The ADDRESS of the responsible person.

The EMAIL ADDRESS of the responsible person.


If no note is on the order, the assessment will be made out to the person whose name is on the order and sent to the email address on the order.

If any of these details are incorrect and the assessment has to be redone you will be charged a fee.


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